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This is a master list for all the fanfic I have written. All stories will be cross-posted here and on my live journal, [ profile] toastedtea.

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Title: Tatterdemalion

Pairing: Cullen/f!Hawke

Rating: PG

Warnings: Unfinished, and likely to remain so.

Notes: Originally inspired by a prompt on the DA2 kink-meme involving Hawke, Cullen, and a masquerade ball. I never finished it, so it was never posted.

Tatterdemalion )
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Title: "When the Minutes Drag"
Series: Never Run From Anything Immortal
Pairings: Steve/Loki, strong Steve/Natasha friendship
Length: 7,275 words
Rating: R for mature themes and disturbing content.

Summary: The Enchantress hits Steve and Loki with a spell that forces them to have sex. This is what happens after after.

Notes and Warnings: Magic made them do it, so frank discussions of non-consensual sex.

This is a story about Steve Rogers trying to come to terms with the aftermath of a sex spell. While there are no graphic depictions of sexual acts anywhere in the text, please be aware that it still has the potential to be quite triggery. Seriously. My original editor quit halfway through because she found the subject matter too upsetting.

Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but does make use of some comics characters.

Whopping big thanks to [personal profile] rivendellrose and [personal profile] ebonlock for taking over the editing & beta-reading duties, and to [personal profile] danielmedic for medical advice and being an excellent sounding board.

When the Minutes Drag )
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Title: "Purls Beyond Measure"
Author: Toast
Pairings: Could be considered unrequited Ori/Bilbo with Thorin/Bilbo undertones if viewed through slash-colored glasses. Otherwise, gen.
Length: 2,700 words
Rating: G
Warnings: None, unless unabashed knitting geekery counts as a warning.

Written for [personal profile] hobbit_kink. The original prompt was:

A hobbit's feet are very robust and so Bilbo needs no boots - hands are a different cup of tea, though. After a while of packing and unpacking ponies and holding on to reins every day, the halfling's hands look a mess.

So Ori knits him a pair of gloves. I just really wanna see Ori in his element. And not only would it make Bilbo feel better, Ori would feel useful, too.

Bonus points: If Thorin is the one who goes, "Hey, Ori. You see the hobbit's hands? Maybe you could do something about that, mh?"

Also partially inspired by this adorable piece of fan art.

A/N: For any knitters who may read this, these are the mitts that Ori makes for Bilbo.

Whopping big thanks to [personal profile] aithine for the beta, and to [profile] goth_hobbit for the Tolkien-check.

Purls Beyond Measure )
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Clark/Lex, PG

Originally posted in 2002.

Clark dreams. )
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Title: "Chickamauga"
Author: Toast/[ profile] toastedtea
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy pre-slash, with mention of Spock/Uhura
Rating: PG-13 to a light R for language and a bit of blood.
Length: ~4,600 words
Disclaimer: Not mine. Alas.

A/N: Whopping big thanks to [ profile] danielmedic for checking over my medical neep, and to [ profile] ayalesca and [ profile] blcwriter for support, encouragement and generally being awesome first readers. Other notes appear at the end of the story to prevent spoilers.

When the rumbling and shaking finally stopped, Jim found himself sprawled face down on the floor of the cave. )
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Title: "In the Event of an Accidental Marriage, Please Fill Out Form 27b-6"
Author: Toast
Rating: R
Summary: What the title says.
Pairings: McCoy/Kirk, with mention of Spock/Uhura and implied Kirk/Gaila in the past.
Disclaimer: Hah. I wish.
Notes: Big thanks to [personal profile] aithine for hunting down and killing errant commas; [ profile] blcwriter, for listening to me whine; and to my first readers for generally being awesome.
Warnings: Crack. Seriously, I have no idea where this came from.

Gaila was seriously considering shaving her head when the call came in to report to the transporter room. )
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This is an AU revisionist version of the Stargate: Atlantis season 3 episode "Misbegotten" written not long after the episode first aired in 2006. I cannot even begin to express to how much the whole Michael storyline pissed me off. So, like any good fanficcer, I opened my word processor and asked "What if?"

Tabula Rasa )
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Tom/Harry, PG-13

Sequel to "Devil's Advocate".

Note: This was originally written after Order of the Phoenix came out, but before Half-Blood Prince. So, very much AU.

Love, Blood, & Rhetoric )
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A/N: This piece has a bit of a painful history to it. I began it in the spring of 2004, barely a week before my best friend and writing partner killed herself. For months after, I couldn't look at it without thinking about the last time Kath and I had dinner together, and how her eyes had teared up while reading the exchange between Harry and Tom in the common room. At the time, I had no idea why that one scene moved her so; now I do. I finally finished it in late October of that year, and posted it to my old fandom journal on Dia de los Muertos with the following dedication: In loving memory of Katherine Lawrence, who completely missed the point.

Sherant did a gorgeous piece of fan art for this story, which you can find here.

Tom/Harry if you squint; gen fic if you don't.

Whopping big thanks to [personal profile] aithine for all her support and encouragement as I struggled to finish the piece.

Devil's Advocate )
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This is a piece from my Tucson days. It is also the story that prompted Katherine and I to take a research trip through Redington Pass in the Rincon Mountains. That trail is enough of a pain in the ass in an air conditioned car with all-wheel drive that I shudder to think what it was like on horseback in the 1800s. And yes, Agua Caliente is also a very real place. I used to live a stone's throw from it, and went there often to write.


Ezra Standish/Chris Larabee, NC-17

First posted in 2003. Original beta by [personal profile] aithine, and the late Katherine Lawrence. Revised and reposted in 2011.

Transit )
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I've decided to start uploading my fanfic here for backup purposes, but also on the off chance it might attract new readers. So, without further ado, I bring you my very first slashfic evah.

Title: Love Potion Number Nine

Pairing: Ares/Joxer. Yeah, you read that right.

Rating: R, for adult language, a bit of violence, and smut.

Warnings: Um, it's an Ares and Joxer slash fic?

First posted in July of 1998. Revised in August of 2000. Reposted to LJ in February of 2011, and to DW in July of 2011.

A/N: Many, many years ago, a friend challenged me to write an Ares/Joxer love story and make him believe it. This was the result.

Love Potion Number Nine )
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